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Chemtane 2

Chemtane 2 is an environmentally friendly product developed to meet the global need for a safer, more economical cutting and heating fuel. During the past decade, Chemtane Energy has devoted extensive resources to developing and refining the blending of its chemicals. Chemtane 2 gas is a new generation cutting fuel gas that is more economical, environment friendly, and safer than acetylene, propylene, and other fuel gases. Chemtane 2 performance offers the consistency and reliability not usually associated with other products. Our quality control program and stringent distribution guidelines guarantee the end user a dependable cutting fuel alternative.


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• Additive Removes deposits that hinder performance
• Cleans injectors, vaporizers, & carburetors for performance
• Provides lubrication for upper cylinder, valves & rings
• Eliminates problems caused by impurities in fuel
• Removes water in tank and fuel system
• Ultimate performance in small and large engines
• Keeps fuel system clean and operating efficiently


• Additive Enhances cetane of diesel fuel
• Increases mileage and horsepower
• Increases engine life and reduces downtime
• Improves cold weather starting
• Reduces pollutants and smoke
• Extends fuel filter life



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