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Chemtane V

CHEMTANE V helps you get the most out of your LPG vehicle. Maximize your fuel efficiency, lower your emissions and increase the life of your vehicle with Chemtane V automotive fuel additive!


  • Removes deposits that can hinder performance

  • Cleans injectors, vaporizers and carburetors for peak performance

  • Provides lubrication for upper cylinder, valves and rings

  • Eliminates problems caused by impurities in fuel

  • Removes water in tank and fuel system

  • Gives ultimate performance in small and large engines

  • Keeps fuel system clean and operating efficiently


As environmental concerns grow and consumers contemplate fuel alternatives to gasoline and diesel taken from conventional oil sources, LPG auto-gas continues to be a great alternative for the consumer deciding on which fuel to use for their internal combustion vehicle. Minimizing emissions and optimizing fuel quality and mileage are usually top priorities for consumers who seek to combat fuel-related problems such as the buildup of heavy ends (varnishes, gums and waxes) in LPG fuel which can impact engine efficiency and produce high emissions. LPG is prone to producing deposits because the LPG fuel has no natural detergent properties, and deposits within the fuel can build up very easily. Many times these deposits will collect in vaporizers and converters, intake manifolds and valve stems, as well as in combustion chambers. This robs the vehicle of engine performance and produces excess engine wear and lower mileage.


CHEMTANE V is formulated to solve all common problems encountered when using LPG auto-gas as an engine fuel, as well as improve fuel combustion and lower emissions. The high quality ingredients in CHEMTANE V provide outstanding benefits to consumers of LPG auto-gas fuel at pennies per gallon to treat. Turn your LPG auto-gas into a premium engine fuel with CHEMTANE V.

CHEMTANE V is a powerful formula designed to combat all of these major fuel problems:


LPG taken straight from the original source is a clean mixture of propane, butane and other hydrocarbon gases; these burn very cleanly to produce tremendous heat energy with a minimum of deposits and harmful emissions like carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, the LPG typically available in the marketplace has been produced through cracking methods at a refinery (to maximize profitable products) and contains unstable molecules called alkenes and olefins. These unstable molecules contain double-bonds which cause them to react with other molecules in the fuel and the surrounding environment (including oxygen and sulfur) to form long polymer molecules. LPG happens to be a poor solvent, so these polymers don't stay dissolved in the fuel. They fall out of the LPG fuel and accumulate within the fuel system and combustion chamber as heavy deposits and gums - commonly referred to as "heavy ends."

The best way to deal with inevitable deposit problems is to remove them as they are formed. CHEMTANE V contains "surface active" molecules which attach to and break up deposits (both newly-formed and older existing), transporting them to an aerosol state (the only way to remove heavy, high-boiling-point deposits) into the combustion chamber for destruction.


LPG is a dry gaseous fuel which does not provide adequate lubrication for engine parts during combustion. Over time, this causes excessive wear on critical engine parts with undesirable results such as burned exhaust valves, increased emissions and decreased performance and mileage.

To prevent excessive wear and extend component life, it is beneficial to add lubrication to the already-dry fuel to benefit compression rings, cylinder walls, pistons, valves and valve guides, seals and injectors. CHEMTANE V contains a powerful high-quality lubricant which prevents wear on essential engine and fuel-delivery components, extending the life of the engine and saving the consumer money.


The combustion enhancers in CHEMTANE V enable more of the hydrocarbon fuel to be burned and converted to heat energy. As a result, the consumer receives improved performance and mileage, as well as lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions (as more of the carbon within the fuel is combusted fully to carbon dioxide).


Water collection in the fuel system of LPG vehicles can lead to system corrosion and freeze-ups in cold weather. The moisture eliminator in CHEMTANE V removes water and prevents harmful water buildup by breaking down the water into micron-sized particles which can be safely drawn into the combustion chamber and removed from the system as steam. No more water, no more corrosion and no more cold-weather freeze-ups!