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Advance Diesel Additive

Chemtane D

Deposit Control

Although the diesel engine is the most efficient internal combustion engine in the use today, deposit build-up in the combustion chamber can increase compression, causing ignition to occur too soon. This creates a pre-ignition effect which prevents full combustion.

Deposits can also occur on fuel injectors which impedes fuel delivery. Instead of a vaporized mist that ignites readily, deposits on the injector tip cause a stream of fuel that dribbles into the combustion chamber in a liquid rather than a vaporized state. Since the liquid will not burn, the raw unburned fuel leaves the engine through the exhaust system and appears as black smoke going out the stack. The wasted unburned fuel reduces power, performance and economy and increases air pollution. The deposit control agents in Chemtane D remove both combustion chamber and injector deposits and keeps them from coming back.

Moisture Elimination (without alcohol)

Chemtane D contains dispersants and emulsifiers that disperse water, sludge and oxidation residues into particles less than one micron in diameter, allowing them to pass safely through the filters and injectors without causing any plugging problems. They are then removed through the combustion process. Removing water and sludge eliminates the potential for bacteria and fungus growth.

Cetane Enhancement

Chemtane D contains a power booster which reduces the interfacial surface tension between molecules and modifies them through the generation of free "radicals" that help keep the fuel front stable, thereby producing a more uniform burn. This results in a more even build-up in pressure and a resultant increase in combustion efficiency. This results in more power, better performance and better fuel economy.


Chemtane D contains a lubricant that helps prevent wear of injectors, valves, top cylinder areas, injector pumps and cylinder liners. It also helps protect rubber "o" rings.

Fuel Stability

Chemtane D eliminates fuel stratification and sludge formation through its stability-enhancing ingredients.

Anti-Foam Agent

Chemtane D reduces fill time and increases storage capacity.